provisional & diagnostic resin

Radica is a new system for provisional and diagnostic restorations from Dentsply Prosthetics. Based on a visible light curing (VLC) composite platform, Radica has been developed to exceed the performance criteria of currently available restorations. It has been proven in clinical study. A simple lab process offers the dual benefits of using this system for a truly lifelike diagnostic system as well as a provisional restoration.

Radica provides unparalleled strength, durability, and wear resistance, with exceptional esthetics over current direct provisionals. Radica has been validated by field-testing in multiple laboratories, with over 90% of evaluators expressing a preference for Radica over their current processes. If you're looking for a temp that provides life-like esthetics, won't crack under pressure, or break your bottom line, look no further than Radica. It's the best combination of beauty and brawn in any temp offering available today.

With Radica Provisional & Diagnostic resin, you will provide your patients with:

  • A premium, extremely esthetic provisional as they transition to their permanent restoration
  • An unparalleled life-like-tooth-colored diagnostic for case presentation
  • Optimal low-wear, highly-durable material for long-term provisional use
  • Life-like diagnostic restorations that will help manage patient expectations and allow patients to fully accept the permanent restoration