Lucitone FRS

Flexible dental resin

Designed for use with the Success Injection System, Lucitone FRS Flexible Denture Resin is a temporary thermoplastic injectable resin that offers customizable flexibility, high impact resistance and transparency, delivering esthetic removable partial dentures and clear or colored clasps. Lucitone FRS enables dental laboratories to provide a range of flexibility from a firmer more resilient design (1mm thickness) all the way to a super flexible (1.5 mm thickness) partial for an individualized restoration.

  • Semi-crystalline nylon composition for improved color stability and stain resistance. Provides esthetics.
  • Easy to finish and polish due to the microcrystalline structure. Saves time.
  • Monomer and metal-free. Non-irritating.
  • Available in original, light pink, light reddish pink, dark pink and clear shades. Esthetic shade options.
  • Clear shade for fabrication of clear clasps, occlusal splints, and night guards. Offers greater versatility.