Lucitone 199

Denture base resin

With over 40 years of clinical success, Lucitone 199 is part of the industry's leading denture base resin family that is top of mind for both laboratories and dentists alike. Dentists know and trust Lucitone 199 in their dentures, and have for years. Lucitone 199 is the premium choice for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures, offering outstanding esthetics, high impact resistance, and superb flexural strength.

  • Industry standard for premium high-impact denture base resins. Trusted and reliable.
  • Superior high-impact resistance and flexural strengths. Resists breakage.
  • Balanced translucency and excellent vein simulation. Delivers esthetic results.
  • Compression packed, injected or microwavable if injected. Adapts to laboratory processes.
  • Available in original, light pink, light reddish pink and dark pink shades. Covers patients' needs.