Not only is DK Dental Laboratory a full service dental lab we are pioneers of the future. We are constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline the dental technologies industry. Some of our innovations include the DKaster casting unit, which simplifies the casting process and increases safety to the lab technician, and the DK Occlusal Sculptor which aids tremendously in the porcelain building process.


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The DKaster is a truly revolutionary casting unit, easy to use as 1-2-3. Designed to be simple, safe and easy to operate and offering reduced training for new hirees. The technicians experienced in the use of the traditional centfrifugal casting system have the greatest appreciation for the simplicity, speed and accuracy of the DKaster. Introducing the Dkaster to your laboratory will contribuate to increased productivity and increased profits through reduced time and labor and reduced loss of metal through spills and mis-castings.


The DKaster was designed to use the accurate traditional centrfugal casting system with the simplicity of a one switch operation. The DKaster is for the technician who wants control of, and are particular about their casting production. The Dkaster uses a motor/gear drive system to control critical spin speeds and casting durations, and is powered by a standard 100-115 VAC electrical power. No special electrical wiring is necessary.


All mechanical springs are eliminated. The operator is no longer required to insert their hands to wind and release the pin to start the casting process. The power to the casting arm drive is controlled by an external switch with a safty cover, insuring the operators comfort and safty. It is currently set up for all crown and bridge metal restorations but can be converted for partial castings. All units come with a protective shield the protects the user from objects flying out or missed castings.


The DKsater is easy to use, and required training for new technicians is minimal. Experienced technicians can appreciate the ease and accuracy of use. It is so easy to use that your secretary could be trained to help with castings when your technicians are on vacation. It does not require special computer knowledge or programming. Production starts immediately thus increasing your profits. The accuracy of the Dkaster greatly reduces metal spills, yet the metal recovery pan provided makes collection of any metal spills for refining easy.

The unit is sturdy, simple to operate and safer. Designed to be worry-free and offering extraordinary results. The Dkaster is affordable, easy to use, and provides accurate dense castings case after case.

DK Occlusal Sculptor

The unique patented design of the DK Occlusal Sculptor was developed to simplify the sculpting of all occlusal tooth planes, as well as the emergence profile, without disturbing the prebaked porcelain buildup. This ceramist's tool has a scooping spoon on one end to facilitate material sculpting. It features a sable brush on the opposite end to remove excess powder and debris without disturbing the carved anatomy.

The cuts in the body of the handle are used to vibrate the porcelain and blot out excess moisture. Using the DK Occlusal Sculptor will save you time and money on labor and burr wear. The tool is lightweight and easy to handle.

Bring fun back to being a ceramist and try the new DK Occlusal Sculptor. Call us for more information or to place your order.