Cercon PFZ

the proven all-ceramic solution

Today more than ever patients demand esthetic renewal as part of their dental treatment and are choosing metal-free, biocompatible and highly esthetic dental restorations. To meet this need, Dentsply offers a unique material - Cercon Zirconia. With prescriptions for crowns and bridges using zirconia frameworks rapidly growing, we have also developed a comprehensive laboratory system which has produced more than 1 million dental units.

Supreme Strength Properties

  • Zirconium oxide is the only ceramic which is able to withstand the high masticatory forces in the posterior tooth region. This has been well documented in both industry and medicine.

  • With a high flexural strength (> 900 MPa) and a transformation toughening property that resists crack propagation, Cercon offers unparalleled reliability.

  • The high strength and toughness also offers the advantage of conservative, PFM-like tooth reductions.

Veneering systems: Cercon ceram kiss and ceramco PFZ

Esthetics are the first priority for our most demanding customers - our patients. With the Cercon system, we offer a variety of approaches to optimize a natural look for your patient's best smiles. Two very unique materials, Ceramco PFZ and Cercon Ceram Kiss are available options to the dental laboratory. Both systems meet the highest international standards for dental ceramics.